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CKTS - Central Kentucky Tennis Series

Division Offerings for 2022

Below is a list of the CKTS divisions for 2022.

In any given Series tournament, a division “makes” if it has at least 2 entrants.  If a division has only 3 entrants it will be played in a “round robin” format.
If a division draw has 4 or more entrants it will be a bracket draw.

Rating Level guidelines are below.

Our exact Age-level guidelines are below.

Men’s Open Singles (4.0 and up)
Men’s B Singles (3.0 to 3.5)
Men’s C Singles (2.5 and below)
Men’s 40 & Over Singles
Boys’ 18 & Under Singles
Boys’ 15 & Under Singles
Boys’ 12 & Under Singles
Men’s Open Doubles
Men’s 40 & Over Doubles
Men’s B Doubles
Men’s C Doubles
Boys’ 18 & Under Doubles
Women’s Open Singles
Women’s B Singles
Girls’ 18 & Under Singles
Girls’ 15 & Under Singles
Girls’ 12 & Under Singles
Women’s Open Doubles
Women’s B Doubles
Girls’ 18 & Under Doubles
Mixed Open Doubles
Mixed B Doubles
Mixed 18 & Under Doubles

The Rating system for determining skill-level entry is as follows.

The CKTS has a strict “No Sandbagging” policy.  Players must enter events at their true level or higher, never below.

For doubles teams, entries must be at the level of the best player in the duo (not a “combo” rating).

For help in determining your rating, please examine the guidelines below.

  • Open division players have an NTRP (National Tennis Rating Program) rating of  4.0 or higher.
  • B's are intermediate players in the 3.0 - 3.5 range.
  • C's are beginners who would have an NTRP rating of 1.0-2.5

Not sure what your rating would be?  Click here for a detailed guideline.

The system for determining Age-Division entry is as follows.

  • For the 12 & Under Divisions:  If a child turns 13 on or before Sept. 30* of the current year, then under our new guidelines they are too old for the 12 & Under divisions, and must move up to the 15 & Under division.
  • For the 15 & Under Divisions:  If a child turns 16 on or before Sept. 30* of the current year, then under our guidelines they are too old for the 15 & Under divisions, and must move up to the 18 & Under division.
  • For the 18 & Under Divisions:  If a person turns 19 on or before Sept. 30* of the current year, then they are too old for the 18 & Under divisions and must move up to an adult skill-level division.
  • For 18 & Under Doubles Entry:  If one of the partners qualifies for 18 & Under according to our guidelines, but the other player doesn't, then they cannot as a duo enter the 18 & Under doubles and may instead enter an adult doubles division.
  • Youth Playing in Adult Singles or Adult Doubles:  Under CKTS regulations, if a youth qualifies by age for the 12 & Under, 15 & Under, or 18 & Under Singles, then they may NOT enter adult B or C singles.  However, they are welcome to enter the Open divisions instead of--or in addition to--their age division.  In Doubles, if both partners qualify for 12/15/18 & Under divisions, they may NOT enter B or C doubles, yet they may play Open divisions instead of--or in addition to--their age division.
  • Adult Age Divisions:  To qualify for the 40 & Over divisions, the player will turn 40 - or is older than 40 - in the calendar year (Jan. 1 - Dec. 31).

*If a regularly-scheduled tournament is moved into October due to weather or other scheduling circumstances, this age cutoff will shift to "on or before the last day of the last tournament."



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