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CKTS - Central Kentucky Tennis Series

Points Race Standings

The Points Race for 2020 will be published soon after the completion of each tournament.

OFFICIAL SEASON-ENDING Point Standings are NOW AVAILABLE for the 2019 tournament season.  Names highlighted in yellow in the Standings will receive awards at our Nov. 3 Awards Ceremony in Campbellsville.  We will also award those players who have participated in All 8 of our 2019 tournaments!

[PDF] These are the OFFICIAL Point Standings for the 2019 Season (published 10/21/2019)


“Why is my name missing?” or “Why is my name listed in blue?”
 to accumulate valid points and/or win an award.  Also, you must play in the same division at least twice in a tournament season to qualify to win that division.

After the first tournament, ALL CKTS members’ names are listed in blue because no one has played 2 events at that point yet!  Players missing from the list(s) have not yet purchased a membership in the CKTS and are thus ineligible for the points race and awards.  You may purchase a membership here.

Points from a tournament are awarded as follows for adult & junior events:
 1st place=4 points
• 2nd place=3 points
• Semifinals (or 3rd place in a round-robin)=2 points
• All other entrants in an event with a win prior to the semifinals receive 1 point
• Those that participate without a win prior to the semifinals receive 1/2 point for participating.  NOTE:  A Bye does NOT collect points as a win.

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