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CKTS - Central Kentucky Tennis Series

Points Race Standings

Point Standings are COMING SOON for the 2024 tournament season.  



“Why is my name listed in blue?”
You must play in the same division at least twice in a tournament season to qualify to win an award in that division.

After the first tournament, ALL players' names are listed in blue because no one has played 2 events at that point yet!  

Points from a tournament are awarded as follows for adult & junior events:
 1st place=4 points

• 2nd place=3 points
• Semifinals (or 3rd place in a round-robin)=2 points
• All other entrants in an event with a win prior to the semifinals receive 1 point
• Those that participate without a win prior to the semifinals receive 1/2 point for participating.  NOTE:  Advancing from a Bye does NOT collect points as a win; however a semifinal placement due to a bye is still 2 points.

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