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CKTS - Central Kentucky Tennis Series

Miller Park Tennis Closed 2020 Draws and Important Information

As we approach this weekend’s tournament in Campbellsville, we are pleased to release the draws at this time and share lots of important information with our participants below.

NO-AD SCORING MUST BE USED in all rounds EXCEPT semifinals and finals, which will still play 2 regular sets (plus a super tiebreaker if there are split sets, like always).  This was a difficult last-minute decision due to the overwhelming numbers of players who have signed up to play on this limited space.  If anyone has questions on how to play with no-ad scoring, please see the director (Kyle) or one of the CKTS representatives (Chris, Trina, and Steve will be around this weekend.)

There are Friday matches scheduled.  Those times do not appear on the draws, but the players involved have been informed.

As with our first tournament two weeks ago in Elizabethtown, this  tournament (due to COVID-19) will also look a little different to ensure the safety of our players, spectators, and volunteers.

The Park authorities will NOT allow the restrooms to be open, so players will need to make other “arrangements.”  There will not be seating for spectators, and gathering in groups is discouraged; please maintain a 6-foot distance.  Please bring your own chairs, blankets, etc.  We will not have water coolers, but bottled water may be available.  Please bring your own supplies just to be sure you have what you need.

IF YOU SHOW ANY SYMPTOMS OF ILLNESS, please do not come to the courts as a player or spectator.

If you still haven’t sent in your entry fees and/or CKTS membership fees via PayPal by Friday afternoon, you risk being dropped from the tournament.  Court space is at a premium in this “closed” tournament, and pre-payment is mandatory for entry fees and memberships.

For those that have purchased a CKTS membership or TourPass and don’t have your t-shirt yet, please claim it from the tournament desk at Miller Park during the weekend (players also get Miller Park Closed t-shirt!).  Due to demand, we will run out of certain sizes of CKTS tees, but will have more in time for the Alton Blakley Lake Cumberland Open in Somerset.

We look forward to a great time of tennis this weekend in Campbellsville!

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